Governor Foot-in-Mouth

Governor’s mansions across the country have recently been taken over by corporate shills.  (Yes I know I said I was going to keep this civil but I can’t think of any other words that fit)

Here in Maine our Tea Party elected, corporate financed Governor’s most blatant foot in mouth concerns the presence of BPA in plastic baby bottles. LePage said last month that he hadn’t seen enough science to support a ban on bisphenol-A, a chemical used in some plastic bottles. He said the “worst case is some women may have little beards.”  Wrong wrong wrong in so many ways.  First the science.  It is a well-established fact that the chemical BPA released into foods from certain plastic and other containers mimics estrogen in our bodies.  So what we are really getting is lowered sperm counts and men with breasts not women with facial hair. Second in spite of the Governor’s claims the science is there.  Third WTF, as my kid would say!!!  Women with little beards are okay????  Nothing to worry about????

My sweetie and I wondered if he is really that uninformed or if he is (as we think GW Bush was) just playing to his audience.  His corporate sponsors, chamber of commerce cronies and the latest batch of “know nothing” anti-intellectual voters.

We continued to wonder this when he went to Washington DC and spouted off against federal control of things that the Feds really don’t regulate much.  In this case Forestry and Farming.   We are so fortunate to have the reasonable voice of Russ Libby from MOFGA and Cathy Johnson, the North Woods Project Director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine as a counter balance to this man, this loose cannon who is currently running our state.  “Well, I have no idea what he’s talking about,” she says. “The federal government doesn’t tell Maine how to manage its forests. The only law addressing how forests are managed, Maine’s Forest Practices Act, was passed in the late 1980s by the Maine Legislature. There are no federal laws that tell us how to manage the forest.”

May saner, smarter voices prevail.


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  1. Posted by Muffy on March 24, 2011 at 4:27 AM

    Perhaps I should send my toxicologist daughter over to have a chat with the tea-bagger (Bill Maher’s words) She’s warned us of the horrors of plastic bottles. Do not refill them or freeze them.


    • Well she’s smart and articulate but I don’t think even she could simplify it enough for this guy to understand. My sweetie after reading this post said that he really does believe the man is just ignorant. The more times LePage sticks his foot in his mouth the more I believe it. One of my journalist friends recently posted on Facebook: I will not be sarcastic when reporting on LePage….I will not be sarcastic when reporting on LePage……etc. I wished her luck with that and then was very grateful I am not a traditional journalist. Just a gal with a lot of opinions who’s more than willing to share them.


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