If you’re cruising the web, as I do on occasion for this blog as well as for one of my paid jobs, you might come across an interesting phenomenon.  I call them “Bucket-O’-Seeds”.   These “survival” buckets are supposedly a “garden’s worth” of seeds meant to be stored away with your 2 years worth of canned foods, your case of toilet paper and  your shotgun for when Armageddon, or the Rapture, or Y3K happens.  They are a great money making gimmick.

I saw a thread on “Boing Boing” that boiled down to “ you idiots you’re spending $150 for $25 worth of seed and a $5 plastic bucket”.  And although I do agree with that sentiment I see two other major problems with this:

1)    Most seeds have a limited shelf life.   One that is way short of 1000 years or whenever the next Y3K doesn’t happen.  If you aren’t planting them each year and seed saving from you crop there won’t be much left in the way of germination when you do eventually plant them.
2)    You won’t know enough about farming, gardening, raising, processing and preserving food to have a successful harvest unless, as they say, you practice, practice, practice.  This is not a one shot, stick it in the ground and eat like a king proposition.

On the other end of the political spectrum (yes this is a political issue) are the good folks at the Fairfield Connecticut Public Library who along with a local gardening group are starting a Seed-to-Seed Library.   Not a vault in the side of the mountain (that’s a whole ‘nother post as they say around here) or a plastic bucket of cheap seeds buried in your hidey hole but a living breathing evolving collection of seeds free for the taking as long as you then save some of your harvest as seeds and return them to the library in the fall.  So much more egalitarian, useful, practical, communal etc etc then the expensive, marginally useful “Bucket-O’-Seed”.


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