No Seeds for YOU!!!!

I am beginning to feel  like I am preaching to the choir and not really saying anything that everyone who reads this blog doesn’t already know.  But I am doing it because I hope that new eyes will find this information and also because as Jim Hightower says “You preach to the choir so that when the time comes the choir stands up and sings”.

So here goes….Monsanto is the biggest corporate criminal since (pick one): Nestles, Exxon, Dow Chemical, (insert your own favorite here).  Anyone who is not aware of this fact needs to watch “The World According to Monsanto”“Food, Inc.” or “The Future of Food”.

If you have not heard of the terminator gene let me give you a little background.  This was Monsanto’s answer to competition in the seed industry.

Yes for all you free marketers out there private corporations are not the great beneficent entities you would like to make them out to be they actually try to kill competition so that they can have a monopoly.  What exactly is “free market” about that?????   But I digress.

The brilliant idea behind the “terminator” gene was this:  insert a gene into all the seeds they sell that makes the plant that grows from that seed sterile.  This makes it impossible for anyone to save their own seeds from any plants that they grow.  No seeds for YOU!!!  As the seed Nazi would say.  The public out cry stopped this “technology” from ever being released into the market.   If it had been released and these plants had pollinated other plants it would have been disastrous for small farmers everywhere. Farmers who had been saving their own seeds for years even generations.   Seeds that are from plants, which grew particularly well in their own “micro climate”.  Known as “land race” seeds they are very valuable to these farmers because they provide a dependable crop year after year.  Cross-pollination with plants with the terminator gene could very well have meant no seeds for anyone.

Just one of the many corporate brainstorms this company has tried, and sometimes succeeded, in foisting on the unsuspecting public.  Their genetically modified corn (a crop pollinated by the wind) has contaminated non-GMO and even organic sweet corn crops all across the country.  And don’t even get me started about the GMO canola and its contaminations of farmer’s fields all across the plain states both here in the US and in Canada.  First they contaminate your seed crop then they sue you for patent infringement.  Ask Percy Schmeister.

How’s that, you say, their contaminated pollen ruins your organic seed crop and you are the one who gets sued???  Not only does it happen but also they have WON in Canada’s highest courts.   What is wrong wit this picture??

So any time you see Monsanto claiming to feed the World or whatever their latest tag line is remember their real goal is to monopolize the seed market and make sure that if you want to feed the world, or even just your own family, you have to come to them first for the seed.

2 responses to this post.

  1. yes, you are preaching to the choir (or, at least, the minimally habitated pew in which I am sitting).

    linking your blog to mine.

    flinging some fertile seed.


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