The Sunday List

I have decided that Sunday will be the day of lists.  Mostly positive lists I hope although I have to admit my first thought for this week’s list was “10 Stupid Things our Governor has said this Week”.  I decided to be more up beat and do a list of 10 local small farms.   Here it is with links when I could find one:

1)  Southpaw Farm, Unity, Maine
2)    Village Farm, Freedom, Maine
3)    Smith Farm, Troy, Maine
4)    Fail Better Farm, Etna, Maine
5)    Proud Peasant, Unity, Maine
6)    Happy Town Farm, Orland, Maine
7)    Horsepower Farm, Penobscot, Maine
8)    King Hill Farm, Penobscot, Maine
9)    Woodprairie Farm, Bridgewater, Maine
10)    Checkerberry Farm, Parkman, Maine

These are not in any particular order, they are organic, and mostly the farms of friends of mine but definitely the farms of folks I admire as farmers.   I hope you enjoy the links.

Happy Sunday!


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