Meditation on Killing Chickens

Eating is a political act.  Who you buy your food from and even what food you will eat (omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic) has an impact not only on your health but also on the political landscape of this country.  (Someday a post on how having a bunch of corn farmers in Iowa being the first people to decide who might be our President impacts the course of every Presidential contest and the nation’s food and energy policies)  And since money is protected free speech according to our conservative packed Supreme Court the money you spend on food, and thus give to either your local farmer or some big corporation, has an impact on the politics of this country.   Maybe it’s eating all that corn syrup laced Twinkies and soda that has really lead to the birth of the tea party.  And what are they sweetening that tea with anyhow?  Karo, stevia, whiskey???

So think about who is getting your food dollars.   Exactly whose free speech do you want to protect?  Cargill, Monsanto, ConAg, Coke, Archer Daniels Midland and Tyson???? These big folks take your food $$$$$ and buy LOBBYISTS and POLITICAL ADS and we end up with jokers like Paul LePage and all the other recently elected bozo Governors running things.

Yesterday we were butchering  chickens.  A farm activity that I do not particularly enjoy but one that is necessary.   When my free-range hens go broody and hatch out a clutch of chicks about half of them are going to be roosters.   More that one rooster in a flock is a problem so the extras have to go to the stew pot.  Anyhow, I got contemplating how I eat and feed my family and the fact that I consider it a political act.

Now I know not everyone is as lucky as I am.  Not everyone can still be eating carrots and squash from your own garden last year, or frozen local blueberries you bought from a friend’s farm and put up yourself last summer or your own chicken that you just butchered up by the compost pile.   Not everyone has the opportunity to buy the rest of what you need at a great local coop or buying club who make some of those choices for you.  At my food coop the only things you have to avoid; in order to not be giving money to corporate criminals; is the Odwalla juice and the Poland Springs water.  My point is that wiser use of your food dollars, in other words not giving it to people who DO NOT have your best interests at heart, would be a simple act that anyone could perform.    Just buy local, buy organic, buy artisan-crafted food but avoid foods produced by folks whose only motive is profit.  Not your welfare or the welfare of this limited resource planet we live on.

(A note:  You will notice relatively few links in this post that is because I refuse to link to the sites of corporate criminals.  These folks are easy enough to find they don’t need any link love from me!)

This is the rooster we kept.

Meet Lucky. The rooster we kept.

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