Parade of Tractors

March 12th was my birthday.  I had thought I might launch this blog on that day but decided the first day of spring was a better idea (besides it gave me a whole extra week to get my act together) but I do think it was awfully nice of the farmers in Wisconsin to stage a tractor parade for me on my big day.

Well..Okay…maybe they didn’t have me in mind when they organized this massive demonstration against the Wisconsin Governor.  Another office holder brought to you by the Koch brothers and who is trying hard to gut any collective bargaining rights that state workers have.   But damn I was so proud of the farmers for standing up for their fellow workers.

Wisconsin has a long history of progressive workers rights movements they were an important part of the movement this blog is named for: the Populist movement.  After all Madison Wisconsin is probably one of the most liberal towns in the Midwest.  Workers rights being one of the most fundamental principles of a fair and just society.

So why wait til now to talk about this great demonstration; Well I’ve had this essay in the hopper so to speak for awhile and yesterday I stumbled upon a website that has a count down clock for how long the people have to wait to launch a recall petition against their Governor and a count down to the day he can actually be recalled.  It seems in Wisconsin they have a recall law but it restricts you from recalling the office holder until they have been in office for one year.  It is a shame they have to wait that long but at least they have the legislation in place.  Here in Maine we have just had to introduce that piece of legislation this year.  Thus no hope of getting rid of our loose cannon Governor unless (heaven forefend) he wins a second term.  We would have a hard time even impeaching him!!!

So hurrah for parades of tractors, crowds of artists and flash-mobs of union workers.  Any form of civil disobedience that keeps the issues in the news and stops these bozos from doing more harm then they have already done.

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  1. Posted by Muffy on April 7, 2011 at 2:48 AM

    It’s just so sad when your governor comes up in a joke on Real Time with Bill Maher. I was shocked to hear jokes about a Maine governor, I never thought we’d sink to the low of a Jesse Ventura type caricature.


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