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Forsythia turin

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Well, those few of you who have been faithful followers of this humble blog may have noticed that I’ve missed a couple of days lately.  I have been a bit under the weather and between that, working 50 hours a week at my two paying jobs and spring farm work I have just run out of time and energy to post.  So I decided today’s Sunday list should be upbeat and hopeful so I can get back on track.

Here are 10 things I love about  SPRING!

1)    Sap reducing on the woodstove.  The whole house smelling of maple syrup.
2)     The sound of Woodcocks courting on the edge of the field as they peep peep peep then do their aerial acrobatics to attract the lady Woodcocks.
3)    Bountiful, plenteous eggs from my hens and the happy hen sound they make when I feed them scraps of veggies.
4)    Political demonstrations moving outside.  Out into the sunshine and fresh air that are such good metaphors for a healthy democratic society.
5)    Pruning my apple trees.  Up in the branches as honks of geese go overhead.
6)    Seedlings on the window sills and in the cold frame and everywhere there is room (maybe next year a greenhouse!)
7)    Cutting fresh greens from my cold-frame.  Salad from my own land!!
8)   Phoebes looking for nesting spots under the eaves of my house.
9)    Vases of forced Forsythia on my breakfast table.
10)     Playing in the mud.  I have loved doing this since I was a kid.  I remember teaching my son how to do it in our dooryard when he was two.  Making little rivulets of water run down the driveway.  My Sweetheart and I spent several hours doing this the other day to help the water from the VERY high snow banks make it down to the ditches by the side of the road.

Happy Spring!!!

2 responses to this post.

  1. thank you – I am no longer perplexed!
    Woodcocks – love watching them but had no idea what they were called.


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