Answers to your Vegetable Questions

Why do these tomatoes taste like cardboard?

Because they come from Mexico where the “organic” megafarm has chosen to plant a variety based on the fact that it can be picked green and shipped to Maine while it ripens in transit and not based on good taste.

This cilantro just doesn’t look as lush as it used to,  why is that?

Well you’d look a little limp too if you had sat in a box of ice while you were shipped from Peru.

Why don’t you have any blood oranges?

There was a “weather event”  in California and the Baja peninsula that had a detrimental effect on the citrus and avocado crop this year.   These things happen they are commonly referred to as “acts of God”.  Personally I think they are just the Gaia’s way of letting us know she is pissed off!

As you may be able to tell this post is a continuation of the theme about widgets and the instant gratification culture we live in.   Everyone wants what they want when they want it and very few are willing to wait or be frustrated in their desire  for produce or new cars or the latest $175 blue jeans.  This is why we are in the mess financially and environmentally that we are in today.

I long for the days of Jimmy Carter.  A politician with enough guts to say to people ” We are in an energy crisis.  Turn down your thermostats and PUT ON A SWEATER.”   A comment that supposedly cost him re-election.  Nobody wants to use the “C” word these days (I mean conservation).  And why is that?  Because there isn’t any quick money to be made if people start consuming less and it isn’t any fun and we are a society of spoiled over indulged children.

Maybe $5 a gallon gas prices and continuous “weather events” will force us to accept the changes we are so resistant to now.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Carter also installed solar panels on the White House I believe. I think he would fit in nicely in our neck of the woods. Hell, I would even knit him a sweater.


  2. Actually they were solar hot water panels and they have made the trip from DC to Unity Maine (Unity College) and back to either the Carter Presidential library or the Smithsonian I forget which. Jimmy is such a nice man I’m sure he would love any sweater you made him.


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