Okay I don’t want to sound like a broken record but for the third day in a row there is news about the effects of pesticides on our lives.  The latest Headline regards the effects of prenatal exposure to organophosphate on the later intelligence of the off spring.

These were the conclusions: Prenatal but not postnatal urinary DAP concentrations were associated with poorer intellectual development in 7-year-old children. Maternal urinary DAP concentrations in the present study were higher, but nonetheless within the range of levels measured in the general U.S. population.

So what that means is that women who have organophosphate exposure within the range of what is accepted as normal in this country are at risk of giving birth to children with poorer scores for Working Memory, Processing Speed, Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, and Full Scale IQ.

What was that about the Precautionary Principle?  Oh, yeah, don’t release anything onto the market that could be harmful without first proving it ISN”T going to hurt people!!!!!  That’s how they do it in Europe and other civilized places.  Why not here in the good ole USA????  Cause then Monsanto and Dupont and Bayer and Dow wouldn’t be making all the $$$$$$ they make now.  So release the toxic chemicals and use the population as your lab rats.  Take 7 years and study the effects and then spend another 10 years in the courts trying to get the stuff banned.

Hurrah for capitalism United States style.


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