Resistance is Fertile

I promised you a post about guerilla gardening and here it is.  This is the other side of the coin from community gardening.  It is marginally outside the law as it occurs on land that is not owned by the gardeners.  These hardy folks seem to subscribe to one of my favorite maxims:  it is always easier to get forgiven then to get permission.  Guerilla gardeners have a desire to beautify their surroundings and not much concern with whose property they are cultivating.

Veggie guerilla gardening is a bit dicey as you may or may not have access to your garden plot at harvest time.  So these gardeners stick mostly to decorative plantings.  Flowers, shrubs, greenery.  See this video  for how they choose their spots and commit their very nice civil disobedience.

Another way to cultivate urban dead zones is with seed bombs.  See this website for several different designs.    These seed bombs are tossed into vacant lots that are otherwise not accessible to being greenified.

So what this is all leading up to is the fact that May Day (along with all of it’s other associations) is the day for planting random sunflowers in unexpected spots.  Sunflowers are great.  They are hardy, easy to cultivate, most people find them very attractive, they will actually decontaminate soil by pulling heavy metals out of it as they grow, and they are very photo sensitive so they follow the path of the sun as it moves across the sky during the day.  All very neat things.

So be a guerilla gardener on Sunday.  Get a packet of sunflower seeds and plant them in random places around your city or town.   Then just stand back and watch them grow over the summer and see how folks react to them.  Your own little act of subversion.

8 responses to this post.

  1. brilliant post – cannot stop giggling! love the seed bombs. planting sunflower seeds today.


  2. all deadzones will be assimilated.


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  4. thanks for checking out my little blog. i am going to keep a eye on you folks too. looks very interesting.


  5. […] were passed around to be shared.  Made in blown out egg shells.  Definitely an improvement on the mud grenades I posted about […]


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