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As you who are faithful followers of my little blog will have noticed the posts have been a little spotty lately.  This is because we are in the middle of Tree Sale Season at Fedco the worker-owned cooperative that is my winter employment.   So in keeping with this annual spring ritual I thought I would share what fruit and nut trees I grow at my farm:

In the “ancient” orchard (we figure these trees to be between 75 and 100 years old) I have inherited a fairly typical mix for an old farmstead apple orchard:

Duchess of Oldenburg


Red Astrichans

Ben Davis (which we tried to burn down last year but that’s a whole other story)

Pink Angel

A seedling tree that makes great single variety hard cider and which I wanted to name after my kid but he insisted it be named Dragon’s Breath Cider Apple

One other seedling tree that gets added into the cider mix in the fall

I have planted so far:

2 Keepsakes Apples

Dabinett (a cider apple)

Pound Sweet (an apple I hope is going to be the one I remember from my childhood)

Belle de BosKoop (as an ornamental tree in our front yard)

I have holding in my nursery hoping to get planted this year or next:

Staceyville Pear

Dana’s Hovey Pear

Black Oxford Apple

Black Walnut

Carpathian Walnut

And that’s all for now.  Next year is another “Tree Season” and we will see what I end up bringing home to plant then.

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