The Sunday List

Now at the end of the Fedco Tree Season I am breathing a huge sigh of relief.  Today’s list will be the reasons I am willing to work 50+ hours a week for 4 months to continue being a part of this most amazing company.

We are a workers cooperative and with that comes all the rights and responsibilities of being a business owner.  Do we grow or not?  Do we buy a new building or build an addition on the one we have?  How much will wages be?  How big a year-end bonus?  Do we take some of our profits and attempt to decrease our carbon footprint?

Working every day with a smart, politically active, quirky cast of characters who understand the real things that are needed to make this society work.  And are willing to put their time, money and hard work to making a small piece of this happen.

The fact that we get to work with the founders of the company.   Intelligent visionary people who had a concept of a company based on growing things.  And have spent the last 30 years making it happen.

Lunch time talk about farming:  have you started your onions yet, what trees are your favorite, what cultivar of potatoes are the best for baking, which ones make good fries, what squash varieties keep the longest in your root cellars?   How do you store your carrots?  Did you hear about the latest idiocy out of Augusta?  Who’s getting licensed to grow marijuana?  Who bought their dream farm?  Who’s still looking?

Being one of the plaintiffs in the PUBPAT lawsuit against Monsanto’s onerous patenting practices.

Letter, cards, emails and  phone calls from our consumer members saying how happy they are that we exist.  How glad they are to find an alternative to the multinational seed companies.   Thrilled to find a company that will not sell GMO seeds.  How proud they are being a part of this enterprise.  And how much they hope we don’t go away any time soon.

At the end of the Tree Sale we all kind of just drift off to our own farms for the summer.  I always wish that we had some sort of group hug or something to cap the season.  But we know that most of us will be back next year because being a part of Fedco is so very important to us.


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