Marshall and Lauren at the start of the process

Real journalists have it easy.  They always know what their first sentence is going to be and the subject of their writing assignment.  Not for them the agony of staring at a blank page desperate for inspiration.

This I know for a fact because today I got to play journalist.  Writing the article was a piece of cake.  Who what when where and why.   Some quotes from participants and a few pictures and you’re done.  This particular event was in Belfast and was sponsored by their Transitions Initiative Group or BATI.   And batty is one thing these folks are not.  They are organized committed folks who believe in the model of local resilience and are working to make it happen.  The best of thinking and acting locally.

So to the home of Corliss and Rick Davis on Park Street in Belfast they came with mattocks, manure and mulch to turn a small city back yard into the beginnings of a Permaculture oasis.  This activity known as a Permablitz is the flash mob of gardening.  Time, place and plan are all carefully laid out beforehand.   Materials are gathered and at the appointed hour a crew shows up ready to dig and plant and mulch.

A young couple from Brooks was the Permaculture experts on hand.  Lauren and Bill Errikson of Conscious Elements Permaculture at Singing Nettle Farm provided the experienced knowledge needed to transform an ordinary home lot into an edible landscape.

Permaculture is an agricultural philosophy based on mimicking how nature works.   Lauren says that the minimal turning over of the sod before placing the layers on top of it is a “wake up call to the earthworms” due to the vibrations and the aeration of the soil.  The worms then serve as the “rototillers” of the soil and continue to break it down and make it more fertile.  Folks who practice Permaculture strive to emulate the processes that nature uses to continually recycle material so that decaying matter feeds growing plants and nothing is wasted.

Conservation of resources.  No more disposable culture.  What a concept.  For more information on this philosophy and how to apply it to any land you might have access to I refer you to “Gaia’s Garden” by Toby Hemenway.  This book lays out the basics of how to turn any house lot into a Permaculture edible forest landscape.


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  1. another great post! posting on my FB page – flinging the seed.


  2. Thanks for spreading the word. I hope that like good compost my words will make things grow.


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