We Who Did Not Vote for LePage

Personally I blame Libby Mitchell.   She ran a lousy campaign and then, when it was obvious she could not win, she did not have the good grace to step aside and throw her support to Eliot Cutler. So now we have Paul LePage as our governor.  I’m no great political analyst but even I could see that Eliot Cutler was surging in the polls over the last two to three weeks of the campaign and I urged everyone who would listen to me to vote for him.  I have since had several people tell me that they wish they had listened to me.  We might still have had a Governor who won with only 30-something percent of the votes cast but at least we would have a Governor who is not a total embarrassment to our state.   If Libby had really cared about anything other than her own political career she would have pulled out of the race and thrown her support to Cutler.

So you 61%ers here we are.  Stuck with a Governor who is in the pocket of big business, big insurance, big land developers.  Now what?

Well, since you ask, one thing I would suggest is that you attend as many of his “town meetings” as possible and ask the hard questions.   Why did you sell us out to the insurance lobbyists?  What makes you think that over worked under-paid county commissioners are going to be able or willing to stand up to greedy land developers?  Where’s the mural?  What makes you think you can convince us that you didn’t cut the MPBN budget because you don’t like what they say about you?  How stupid to you think we are? Who’s next?

Friday, in Newcastle at the Lincoln Academy you have your chance.  LePage is holding one of his meetings starting at 6pm and lasting only an hour and a half.   Better get there early to get a seat and MAYBE get an answer to your most burning questions.  “Governor LePage, exactly how much money are you making selling the people of our state down the river???”

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Muffy on May 20, 2011 at 2:38 AM

    You know whats also embarrassing? He’s actually the butt of jokes on late-night TV. Hmmm… shades of Jessie Ventura? And where is that mural? I thought that was the peoples’ property.


  2. Well he has a plan for the media too. Just cut any funding he can to any media outlet that dares to question him, his motives or his plans.


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