The Sunday List

Okay today’s list will be a short but scary one.   A list of men with close ties to Monsanto who have been given powerful posts in the Obama administration.

One interesting note.  While researching this list I came across the website of a guy named Alex Jones.  I find it very interesting that the radical right is as concerned about Biotech giants having influence in the USDA as we on the radical left are.  Strange bedfellows!  That’s garden beds of course.

Michael Taylor, number one on everyone’s hit  parade.  I real baddy from what I read and a frequent occupant of the revolving door between business and government that Obama vowed to slam shut.  He is a former Monsanto Vice President and now a Senior Advisor in the USDA, but before either of these he worked in the USDA and is responsible for getting Bovine recombinant Growth Hormone into the national milk supply without any notification to the public to speak of.

Roger Beachy was the founding director of a plant science research foundation in St. Louis (for the uninitiated that is where the big M has its corporate headquarters) with, guess what, close ties to Monsanto.  Is now the Director of National Institute of food and Agriculture (this is the department that is replacing the USDA Cooperative Extension).  Two scary things at once.  Plant science guy in charge of food safety and doing away with Cooperative Extension.

Ismal Siddiqui was a former Monsanto lobbyist.  Is now one of the chief negotiators for the US Trade Representative for Agriculture.  They guys who decide which pesticides are imported to the US and which ones to dump on developing countries because maybe they aren’t so safe.

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