No More “Get Big or Get Out”

The “get big or get out” mentality still reigns supreme in the philosophy of the government bureaucrats.  Food and Water Watch recently put out an interesting fact sheet saying that our food system is broken and that this way of thinking is the main reason.

This organization is campaigning to change this mindset and are asking people to get involved with trying to shape the next farm bill before congress based on five interesting ideas:

1)    There should be fair markets.  Which they say means enough buyers for crops and livestock to give producers a fighting chance to receive a fair price.
2)    Family sized livestock operations producing meat and milk in responsible (non industrial) ways.
3)    Diversity.  This is an especially interesting point because they talk about not only raising diverse crops but also attracting and retaining minorities in farming.
4)    Eating locally and seasonally.   “Our food policy should encourage farmers to grow and CONSUMERS TO EAT crops suitable to their region, season and climate”. (Emphasis added as they say)
5)    “Safe workplaces and fair wages.  The food system needs to be fair to everyone that labors to bring food from the farm to the fork.”  (Including workers in grocery stores!)

To take action and encourage the government to include any or all of these points in the future farm policy join the campaign at


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