The Sunday List

Every spring I make a summer jobs list.  Big projects that I would like to get done over the summer to add infrastructure for the farm.  Or some house project that requires doing while we can have the windows open.  Or just something that would be nice to have and would make our lives easier.

Many of these things have been on the list for several years.  Some may not ever actually get done but are nice to dream about.

Here is this year’s list in no particular order:

Stain Kitchen Floor

Build Woodshed

Re-Stain Deck

Paint House

Build Greenhouse

Build upstairs wall and closet

Tar Roof

Dig Farm Pond

Create more Orchard Space

Some of these projects have my Sweetheart’s backing and are much more likely to actually happen.  Some are vital to get done.  Others are going to be on next year’s list too.


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