The Egg and I

I know that our Republican dominated Legislature wants to give lots of money to the already rich and make poor working slobs, like me work harder and longer to pay for it.   Everyone from teenagers still in school to public employees trying to retire are “able” to work longer hours or more years to keep our economy going and keep the rich, well, rich.

Our Governor made his contempt for the working folks known with the whole Labor Mural fiasco.  His budget proposal is balanced on the back of the common people.  He sure is taking good care of his rich corporate friends.  And his anti-intellectual stance is well documented.

But even with all of this I find it so difficult to believe that the majority of a legislative committee (the newly created BUSINESS, oh and labor, too, committee) did not know what a criminal Jack DeCosta is.  Where have they been?  As a small egg farmer myself I know the correct handling techniques for eggs.  Mr. Decosta should come by and take some lessons.  This guy has produced eggs in the worst way  and under unspeakably bad conditions for years.   His operations have been surreptitiously filmed keeping chickens in appalling filth and containment.  His egg factories have been responsible for deadly outbreaks of salmonella.  He was sighted, fined and censored repeatedly for his abuse of his workers, both his chickens and the people who take care of them.  Yet the Labor Committee (yes I still call it that) of the Maine State Legislature voted (mostly along party lines) to pass a bill that would severely restrict the ability of Decosta workers to form a union.   Since this vote two of the committee members are “having second thoughts”.  Some how they got wind of DeCosta’s nefarious past.  Not only his egg handling practices but also his abuse of his labor force and many, many OSHA violations.

Let me make it real simple for our obviously out of touch legislators:  When some rich guy comes to you and asks you to please keep his labor force from organizing for better working conditions and wages the answer should always be NO!  Why give even more power to the powerful.  Especially since the chance of them being good-hearted folks with only the best interest of their workers at heart is pretty small.   No matter how similar their rags to riches story is to your own, Governor.


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