Where Have You Been?

For those few followers of this blog a brief announcement:  computer problems that may or may not be my computer have forced me into silence this week.  Which really stinks since I was on vacation from my paying job and planned to get things whipped into shape at the farm and spend a lot of time writing.   Without access to the interweb for fact-finding I have held my tongue about a lot of the goings on in Augusta, DC and New Hampshire!  And that long promised post about corn farmers in Iowa choosing our next President will be even longer delayed.

I say may or may not be a problem with my computer because my computer repair guys (Archangel Computers in Belfast, thanks for all the efforts guys) tell me that once again our friends at Fairpoint are having line and other system difficulties.  Not that I can get anyone at either my phone company (Unitel) or my computer provider (GWI) to admit that they know anything about it.  Until we figure this out my postings will be sporadic.  Only when I have the time to get to a wi-fi hotspot and do my research and writing there.

So just my luck, I just get added to “Leftyblogs” and my computer starts acting up.   I could put on my tinfoil hat and claim a conspiracy but I will refrain.   Until next time.  Keep questioning authority for me.

One response to this post.

  1. but I really like the questions YOU ask! here’s hoping for a speedy resolution to the techno-hiccups. I so enjoy your blog.


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