Farm Finance

One beautiful September day a man who had farmed his whole life on his family’s farm brings his harvest into town to sell. The money he makes from the sale is enough to cover the loan he took out in the spring to cover the cost of seeds and other inputs needed for that year’s crop. Grain prices are good this year so he makes enough over the cost of the loans to see him through the winter and a little extra, which is unusual. In a fit of extravagance he goes into the local convenience store and buys a lottery ticket.

The next week he is back in town for church and happens to see the weekend edition of the local newspaper. Thinking he had better check the lottery numbers since he had wasted the money on the ticket he looks up that week’s numbers. He can hardly believe his eyes. He fishes the lottery ticket out of his wallet and is astounded to see that he has won the lottery. Millions of dollars. He is in shock.

On Monday morning he contacts the Lottery Commission and makes arrangements to collect his winnings. Since this is an unusually large jackpot the lottery folks want to get a little publicity mileage out of this and ask the farmer to come to Augusta to collect his winnings and get his picture taken with the oversized check.

In Augusta the media has gathered to take pictures and get an interview with the new instant Millionaire. A reporter asks the obvious first question: “Sir, what are you going to do now that you’ve won all this money?”

“Well,” says the farmer, “I guess I’ll just keep on fahmin’ til it’s all gone.”


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