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I was listening to the President’s press conference today. The announcer  mentioned that of all the cuts being offered in the negotiations one was farm subsidies.  So I listened hoping against hope that one of the reporters would ask a question about exactly which subsidies were on the table and how they were going to be cut.  There were many more big-ticket issues to be discussed and the time was limited so,  no surprise,  farm subsidies never came up.   I just wonder if when the reporters all went out to lunch after the press conference it occurred to any of them that without farmers they would be eating:  NOTHING!

Social security, the economy, job growth, the health of Medicare are all important.   Construction workers are important.   As is improving our infrastructure.   But everyone needs to eat and a short discussion of what impact this “deal” is going to have on farmers would not have been out of left field.   Less time talking about  political machinations and more real details would have been nice.   Obama did say he would not talk about details while the negotiating process was going on but just a mention of the impact on the people who feed us all would have been noticed and appreciated by those of us who count ourselves in the ever shrinking class.

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