The New Leaf CSA (community-supported agricult...

New Leaf CSA (Wikipedia image)

So much inspiration right now.  From the joy of hoeing my garden and watching it grow (the corn was proverbially knee-high on the 4th of July) to reading my friend Polly’s blog about her own farm…this time of year is abbondanza with the happy-making things that keep me on the land and trying to farm.

Even MPBN is getting into the act.   This week’s Maine Watch segment was about the local food ordinances passed down on the Blue Hill peninsula.  I blogged about these when they were first getting passed back in the spring at town meetings.  Now the Maine Department of Agriculture and the Attorney General have both said that these local ordinances don’t supercede the State and Federal guidelines on food inspection.  And yet these small family farms slog on trying to make a living and hoping  that the feds and the staties are too busy with other things to harass them while they produce their local, healthy, organic foods.

And that is the joyful part of this.  Not that the government is again trying to tell us what we can and cannot eat but that there are folks out there making good food and sharing it with their neighbors, as Ryan or Bob said  on MPBN,  just like farmers have for centuries.  You’re not going to deliberately or carelessly sicken your friends and neighbors with bad food.   If you are a megacorp selling to the whole country then it is easy to just figure some lawsuits into your budget and make sure that your profit is so high it will not affect your bottom line.  Sicken your pal Fred down the road and it’s going to affect your bottom line pretty darn fast (not to mention a lot of your social relationships).  Republicans should understand this.

So to end on a positive note I will quote the Village Farm blog from earlier this growing season:

“Happy Summer everyone! Yesterday was our first CSA pick day and though we have been harvesting a bit over the last weeks, there is certain giddiness to the first CSA pick days of the season. The CSA is truly the heart of our farm. Members are not merely customers. Those vegetables growing outside our farmhouse doors. . . that is YOUR food. It is ALL OF OUR food. For the months ahead we will all be nourished by the minerals and vitamins, flavors and colors and smells of nutrient dense vegetables grown from this earth. There is something powerfully cooperative about the CSA arrangement and we thrive knowing that so many of the vegetables we grow will end up on your plates. Thank you for supporting our farm.”

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