Corporate Criminal Caught!

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Organic farming is good for all of us!

From the Cornucopia website:

“USDA’s Regulatory Hammer Finally Falls on Promiseland Livestock

One of the largest scandals in the organic industry is over. For years, many in the industry suspected Promiseland Livestock, based in Missouri, was “laundering” conventional animals as organic (replacement heifers mostly going to giant factory dairy farms and beef cattle operations). As of July 28, Promiseland is out of the organic cattle business.

We are proud of The Cornucopia Institute’s role in bringing this scofflaw to justice. Cornucopia’s formal complaint, concerning illegal conventional cattle being transferred to the giant Aurora Dairy complex in Platteville, Colorado, eventually led to the downfall of Promiseland (USDA investigators later found Aurora had “willfully” violated 14 tenets of the organic regulations).

Just like Al Capone was not convicted of murder or racketeering, but rather of tax evasion, Promiseland was brought down by their refusal to share records with investigators from the USDA, as required by law, that would’ve proven the organic origin of their cattle.  You can read the USDA’s news release on this matter here.”

We can now hope that the USDA will step up and actually regulate industrial agriculture as it attempts to pretend that it adheres to anything that resembles organic standards.  When we get the regulators to realize that dairy and beef cows kept on feedlots or huge flocks of chickens given access to miniscule amounts of outdoor space and called “free range” are NOT organic in any sense of the word it will be a good day.  They need to worry less about writing regulations on leafy greens which will put many small farmers out of business and more about what is going on large-scale farms, organic or not.


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