Where the Deficit Really Came From

Thanks a lot Ronnie, George and Shrub!

I was reading a blog post by Micheal Tomskey about who really screwed the economy and why can’t people see that it was Shrub (President George W. Bush)?  His last paragraph is this:

“A football coach with a similar record would be selling cars. A movie director with one would be lucky to be making instructional videos. A bank president would likely be in jail. But here we are. It just goes to show what you can accomplish when the richest 1 percent of the country pays you (and pays you, and pays you) to lie, and to believe fairy tales. But it’s hard luck for the rest of us.”

He included links to some really great graphics from Wikipedia and the Boston Globe which I have tried hard to reproduce here for you but having failed I urge you to click on these links and REALLY look at them.  Especially the years 2001-2009.  Or the Bush Cluster-f**k as I will be calling it from now on.

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