Solidarity with Vermont Farmers

Flooded farm in the Intervale

So I whined the other day about what Irene did to my trees and crops and reminded everyone what a chancy business farming is.  But what happened here at my farm is nothing compared to what has happened in Vermont.

Flooded fields and ruined or endangered crop so near the beginning of harvest.  I have had friends who farm in the Intervale and the Northern Kingdom and have visited their farms.   I don’t know individually how they did but the Intervale flooded twice this growing season, once this spring and now by Irene, so I am guessing not well.

These articles offer lots of ways to help even if you can’t join the Crop Mobs.  See what you can do and at least share this around with friends (especially any rich ones) and lets see what we can do to help these farmers.

Just one more link.  This is a good over view of all the damage.


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