Pubpat Lawsuit

Frankenfood in a grocery store near you, TODAY!

This has been a very busy week.   Lots of Off-Farm activity plus pulling out  and destroying my entire tomato crop  infected with late blight.    I spent Saturday at the Maine Grassroots Media Conference.  More about both of those things later.

The highlight of Sunday (other than meeting the mother of my son’s girlfriend for the first time!  Hi, Pam!)  was Fedco’s annual meeting where we heard from Dan Ravicher of PubPat about our lawsuit against Monsanto.  Things are going well.   The case was filed in March and 23 more plaintiffs were added across the US and Canada.  We filed in the Southern District of New York and drew a judge, Judge Naomi Buchwald,  who is familiar with patent law.   A good thing.

Dan started the ball rolling by asking Monsanto if they would declare in writing that they would never sue any of the plaintiffs if our crops became contaminated by their GMOs.   They replied with their stock language about “we will never assert…trace amounts…..etc etc.”  See Number Ten on this list.    Straight off their website  (I try to avoid linking to them,  it gives me the willies,  like shaking hands with the devil, but it is important that you see their lies in their own words).  This was not a satisfactory answer to our request.

Dan then filed the suit.  Monsanto’s next step was to  hire a big-time high-profile law firm (Seth Waxman is a partner) and file three motions to try to get the suit to go away.   1) A request to dismiss the case outright  2) A complaint that the case did not give enough detail in describing the problem.  3) A request to move the case to St Louis where they have their headquarters.

Dan and PubPat have responded to the first one at the request of the Judge and we are now awaiting her ruling.  So I will keep you updated as we hear about the progress of the suit.  Such exciting times!


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  1. Posted by Muffy on September 13, 2011 at 2:32 PM

    Wow, I went to the Monsanto link and was blown away by the lies. Ten of them to start with. I saw the movie about Monsanto (King Corn) and how they treated the farmers in that film is the opposite of their assertions.

    I’ll be waiting for updates. Love the blog.


  2. Yep, if you had dug further you would have found their “side” of the story about Moe the seed cleaner and of course Percy and his cannola seed. They ruined these people’s lives! Without compunction. There are also a couple of great “mainstream” media videos on the issue on the PubPat website. Thanks for the feedback and your constant encouragement.


  3. […] Pubpat Lawsuit ( […]


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