Funes Gets It Right

Corn Seed

Well, Common Ground Country Fair was a week ago now and I haven’t written anything about it.  Busy, Busy,  is my only excuse.  This long, late fall has extended the harvest season and we are still picking veggies here on the farm.  Frost tonight so the season will be over except for apple pressing.  I will be  getting back to posting on a more regular basis.

But for those CGCF fans there are lots of posts out there about the fair itself.  Read about how much folks love this event here and here and here.

My favorite part of my favorite-weekend-of-the-year is the Social and Political Action Tents.  I usually spend at least some of my time tabling for the Green Party or the MOFGA El Salvador Sistering Committee.

Made in El Salvador crafts the Sistering Committee for sale on the MOFGA website.

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to do that this year  (next year I promise, guys) but when I stopped by the Sistering table my friend Jean English told me about some good news out of El Salvador. This bit of happy news concerns one of my best-loved subjects “saying NO to Monsanto.”   President Funes is trying to move his country toward food independence by having local farmers grow their own seeds.  Here is a quote from a recent Alternet article via Up Side Down World:

The biotech industry’s use of their influence in removing regulatory barriers to gain new markets for its products throughout the developing world has been well documented. In Latin America, El Salvador was the third country to plant GMO seeds, following Colombia and Honduras. Thus, when Funes [President of El Salvador, member of the FMLN party] made the following statement at the opening ceremony, it can be expected that his words did not fall lightly on the ears of Monsanto executives: “Only if we become independent in seed [production], will we become independent in food, that is to say, can we achieve food sovereignty.”

One more group of people, this time a whole country, taking on Monsanto and it’s attempt to control all seed production in the world.  You go El Salvador!!!  We’re behind you 1000%!

Grain Seeds.


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