Solidarity with the Occupiers

Hang in there Occupiers.  We are with you.  You are on the right track and are giving birth to a movement that I truly feel will alter the political and financial course of this society.  We are very proud of your ability to stay non-violent in the face of mounting police brutality.  And the mainstream media is even treating you with some modicum of respect.  Amazing considering that you are really getting to and pissing off their corporate masters.  Do not be discouraged.  Do not allow yourselves to be co-opted.  You are in the right and you know it.

There are four things that we need to do to try to restructure the distribution of money in this country.  We need to elect people who have the political will to make these changes:

1) Reinstate Glass-Steagall.  Make it once again against the law for banks to own investment firms and vise versa.

2) Repeal corporate personhood.  Like the sign says I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.

3) Audit the Federal Reserve.  ‘nough said.

4) Overhaul the Corporate Tax Code.   Make it so the corporations in the United States pay their fair share of taxes.  As Elizabeth Warren says they use the roads we all  helped build.  They employ the people we help pay to educate.  The police, fire departments and other emergency services take care of them just like they do us.

So rock on Occupiers.  You have started  something BIG.  We will help you sustain it as it turns into a great and historical movement.  Like the Anti-War or Civil Rights movements.  We shall overcome!!!!!


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