Belated Thanksgiving Meditation

As I began this post many days ago I was trying to be in a serene and thankful state of mind.  My kid and my sweet heart are both happy and healthy.   My best friend just hung a major show of her art work in the DC area and the opening went well.  Said kid is about to embark on a grand adventure with his sweetheart.  We had a wonderful local, organic meal together for Thanksgiving and enjoyed each other’s company immensely.  Even the dog seemed to be having a good time.

Then the real world started to intrude on my holiday bliss.  As the police raid more and more Occupy sites  using all the nice toys the Department of Homeland Security has given them over the last 10 years my calm began to evaporate.   People  bloodied in Wal-Mart by the local police for the simple act of trying to be the good consumers that the Over-Lords want us to be.   And the vast majority of people are narcotize into accepting all this by the constant inundation of the BUY MORE NOW messages at this time of year.

And Newt Gingrich (one of the sleaziest guys of our times) is now the Republicrat front-runner???????  What a cluster this is!!!!

As  Frank  Costanza said “Serenity NOW!!!!”  I’m packing down all these emotions.  I want to be able to go back down to the Augusta Occupy site and speak calmly and logically to our friends the police.  I will ignore the fact that they are blind to the reality of their being a tool of the 1%.  Allowing themselves to be used to keep the debate squashed even as law enforcement jobs are being cut all over the country.  Public employee’s unions are being busted  and the rich just keep getting richer.  I will hum soothing songs to myself as they try to close down the campsite.  I will be grateful that we have the National Lawyers Guild and specifically Lynn Williams on our side.  I will be calm.  I will be serene.  I will not become the violence I oppose.


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