Lies and the Lying Liars!

Sorry I’ve been gone but my New Year’s resolution is that I will be better about posting. 

Had to get this one up tho’:  LePage called out by Forbes Magazine editor for “stretching the truth”.  Got to say those guys are being way too nice.  This from the Kennebec Journal:

At a town hall meeting Wednesday, Gov. Paul LePage said Forbes Magazine told him welfare and energy costs led to Maine’s ranking as the least business-friendly state in the magazine’s annual rankings.

But late Friday, Forbes senior editor Kurt Badenhausen published a response on titled, “Gov. LePage Stretches Truth on Forbes Rankings.”

“Sorry Governor, but I didn’t say any of those things,” Badenhausen wrote. “Welfare? Not even a part of the rankings.

“We should not be surprised at this point that a politician took one piece of information and made a giant leap to fit his particular agenda. … The level of deception and confusion in politics has seemingly never been higher.”

Thank you Mr. Bandenhausen for proving what we already knew:  LePage is a liar.   How are we to trust his “figures” on the alleged Department of Human Services budget shortfall?   We can’t! We know that Governors  fudge the figures to get what they want or accomplish what they need.  Baldacci did it with the Department of Education and ended up with the RSU mess.   But this kind of blatant lying is what Republicrats do best.

We need to elect truth tellers.  November 2012 is coming.  Who are you going to work for this campaign season?

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