Occupy a Pineapple

Sometime holiday gifts come from the oddest places.   Today as the sun comes back over the equator and the days start getting longer I am grateful for two small ones I got yesterday at work.

The first was a verse given me by a friend,  read it and take heart Occupiers :


The wheel of the year has turned once more,
And the nights have grown longer and colder.

Tonight, the darkness begins to retreat,
And light begins its return once again.

As the wheel continues to spin,
The sun returns to us once more.

Even in the darkest hours,
Even in the longest nights,
The spark of life lingers on.

Laying dormant, waiting, ready to return
When the time is right.

The darkness will leave us now,
As the sun begins its journey home.

The light of the sun has returned to us.

My best holiday gift (so far) this year was on the “Weekly Procurement Update” from our big organic supplier.  It talked about the recent weather and it’s effect on organic growers across the country and around the world.  Yes, we do sell produce from around the world.   More about that sometime.  But as the update said “the New England and Canada growing season is nearing an end.”

Further down the page was this line (under Limited/Tight Items):  “Pineapples-Tight all around, and now having trouble on docks due to Occupy U.S. Ports.”  (emphasis added by me!) Yep there it is Occupiers.  The  Occupy movement is having impact on even the shipment of unnecessary tropical fruit and it is getting noted even in obscure produce reports.   I am not belittling this.  I was so excited I danced around the store in my Solstice crown showing it to all my co-workers and any customer I knew would be interested.  As it happened there was a showing of Occupy videos at the Library across the street last night so there were lots of fellow rabble-rousers in town and in the Co-op.  This is great news!!!  We are having an impact.

So even if the media is ignoring us and  left-wing radio hosts are asking “where have the 99% gone?”    This is where they are Ed Schultz.  Occupying ports,  the streets of New York and soon the halls of legislatures everywhere.

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