New Year Resolutions

So I said I was going to blog more often in the New Year.  So far, so good.  Three times a week if possible and here (in a one day late Sunday list) are the up coming topics:

A recent front page New York Times story about organic agriculture

A Rap from my friend Emily Posner down at Occupy New Orleans

More on the LePage budget cuts and his creative book-keeping

The assault on the Maine Clean Elections law

The 18th annual Gathering for Changing Maine:  this year talking about the Occupy Movement

A post about Occupy and land reform

A post about Russ Libby’s trip to DC

The video of Jim Gerritsen at the OWS Farmers March

A post about the “Death Tax”,  it’s status and a quote from the West Wing

And, of course, tomorrow, the Iowa Caucus!!!

So here we go into the new year.  2012.  One of the, if not the, most important election years in my political life.  Ain’t we gonna have some fun now!!!!


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