A Couple of Occupy Videos

Today I am sharing some YouTube videos of folks doing the Occupy work.  One is very serious and the other is fun-serious, entertaining-informing.   Enjoy.

Jim Gerritsen was down at the Occupy Wall Street Farmer’s March.    Here is the YouTube of his speech.

It’s worth  a listen.  Suing Monsanto.  Definitely an idea the Occupiers can get behind.

My friend Emily Posner  is in Law School in New Orleans and doing a lot of pro bono work for the Occupy movement down there.  Here she is rapping about Occupy after a court victory down there.

Emily is one of the many wonderful young women activists I have met in Maine.  I worked with her at Fedco Trees and she taught me the patented “Posner Kick”.  I will always be grateful.   She along with Logan Perkins, Hilary Lister, Meg Gilmartin, Polly Shyka and many more are the reasons I am optimistic about the future.  With these young women working in their individual and collective ways there is always hope.

Tomorrow “McCarthyism Hits the Dairy Industry”.


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