And now for something completely different….

As I  was waking up this morning I had some great insights into  Republicrat women and the contraceptive debate.  Back in the day when I was a Nurse Midwife working with a Medicaid and uninsured population I saw the consequences of inadequate birth control up close and personal.  It was not a pretty sight.  Which makes this an issue about which I have very strong feelings. I never want to go back to the days when as a nurse in the ER your first line of treatment if a woman of reproductive years came in with abdominal pain was to “type and cross” for several units of blood.  You did this because you knew that she had most likely had a back street abortion and was bleeding internally.  Or was further out from the procedure and was about to go into septic shock from the unsanitary, illegal termination she had been forced by society and circumstances to have.

Of course most of my brilliant insights went POOOFFFF as soon as I was fully awake but I decided to attempt to reconstruct all that I could of my brainstorm here for your edification.  Nothing to do with farming.  Everything to do with politics.

The first thing that had popped into my mind was a line from The West Wing.   Amy, a high power political operative says:   “If women were the only voters, the Democrats would win in a landslide every time. If men were the only voters, the GOP would be the left-wing party. Women are gonna be 60% of the vote.”

So maybe there is hope.  Maybe the majority of women, even GOP women, will do the right thing and keep these Neanderthals out of office. Perhaps at last the rich, old, white men have overplayed their hand.   Recent polls have reported that even 98% of Catholic women have used contraception at some time in their lives. Perhaps we can rally as a gender and prevent this move back to the days of back alley abortions.

The question then becomes: where are the Republicrats trying to take us?  Back to barefoot and pregnant?   Again it is one of their now infamous red herring social issues.  Another salvo in a culture war that the Republicrats know will distract us from the real issues:  income inequity, the collapsing public infrastructure and the fraying social safety net.  All of these things are headed in exactly the direction the 1% overlords want.  A starving and desperate underclass, that in their hopelessness can be easily exploited for profit, fits right in to the 1%’s world view and over-arching plan.

So what can women do?  Well, we could all become Lysistrata and withhold sex from our husbands and lovers until they do what is right.  Until they really pitch in to help fix the social inequalities that are destroying our communities.  We’d have to get a lot of women on board to make that work so……maybe not.

The GOP candidates know that if they can conflate contraception with abortion, in the mind of the easily confused public, they will be able to rally their right-wing base and win the election in November.  What they fail to explain is why if they are so against abortion they don’t want safe, legal, readily available forms of contraception?  Is it the old Biblical saw: be fruitful and multiply.  I believe it is because they are in favor of the subjugation of women and do not want females to have any control over their lives.  Or any free time as far as that goes.  They believe that we must be tied down to the house and a dozen kids otherwise we get into mischief.  Like trying to stop wars or improve the lives of those less fortunate or (heaven forefend) run for office.

This backlash against women is all too predictable.  And I can’t say as I think Obama’s solution is all that great.  I applaud the insurance companies paying for more coverage for many healthcare issues but nothing keeps them from passing that cost along to others.  Old monsters are hard to kill and the convulsions they have as they die can hurt anyone standing nearby.

As one caller said on the Ed Schultz show this morning the cost of one pregnancy and delivery far outweighs the cost of contraceptive options.   This has nothing to do with cost and everything to do with control.  Control over women’s lives and the lives of their children.   The Koch brother’s plan to keep as many people as possible poor and dependent so that they can be more easily exploited.


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