Happy Occupy Our Food Supply Day!!!

I spent the day working at my day job.   The produce department of the Belfast Co-op.   My participation in this OOFSD consisted of unloading lots of lovely organic veggies from our regional supplier.  I also got to talk to one of our local farmers about how happy the customers have been with the fresh yummy spinach she has been bringing in for us.

One of my co-workers was so enthusiastic about OOFSD that she made plans to stand outside the Co-op educating people about Community Supported Agriculture and other local farming issues.   Turns out (even better)  she spent the afternoon talking to one of our great local organizers about an alternative currency model he wants to try out in their town.

In Augusta tonite they are swapping seeds at the UU church to advance the cause of everyone occupying their own food system.  Know your farmer!!!  That’s real easy if you are your own farmer.   Plant a seed.  Plant a row.  Plant a garden.  Plant an acre!!!!

Yesterday at the Occupy Waldo County GA we talked about seed bombs and some were passed around to be shared.  Made in blown out egg shells.  Definitely an improvement on the mud grenades I posted about previously.

Tomorrow is local products day at the Co-op.  Buy stuff that isn’t coming in from Mexico or California!!!! What a concept!!!!

I will be attending the Fedco Tree Growers meeting.   Local trees for local people.

The list goes on and on.   I feel so blessed to be living in an area that is so rich with the self-sufficient tradition.   In the only state where the average age of farmers is FALLING!!!!   Hurrah for young farmers growing good food and feeding it to the lucky locals.

Hurrah for Occupying Our Food Supply!!!


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  1. What a great idea. I put it on my facebook wall. Do report back and let us know how it went.


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