The OSGATA vs Monsanto lawsuit has been dismissed.   Here’s a link to a Reuters article.   Some of my other sources say the judge got a little snippy in her decision.   More when I have read everything.  But wanted to get this up.   Thanks to Mondrian and Misbehaved woman for giving me the heads up.  Or should I say head down?  Cause that’s how I feel right now.   I’ll grieve and then write more later.


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  1. COUNTERCLAIM! Not in one big lawsuit, counterclaim in the individual suits with Monsanto AS THEY COME UP!

    1. START A FUND for the individual farmer for each suit.

    —>Monsanto COUNTS on the fact small organic farmers don’t have the $$$ to fight them. CHANGE THAT to ensure they do!

    2. GET THE EVIDENCE necessary to win–like the STUDIES in Europe!

    —>It is totally ILLEGAL to sell Monsanto’s Genetically MUTATED garbage in England. There was an Scientist there that tested ALL Monsanto food, and was a whistleblower against this company. They persecuted him, fired him, he’s had

    assassination attempts–but kept going. The USA works VERY HARD to keep his work off the radar, and the internet. Get this information and present publicly EVERY TIME Monsanto sues and individual farmer. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE

    PROOF that Monsanto is bad.


    —>Get the transcripts, documents & proof of suits from EVERY PAST LAWSUIT Monsanto has filed AGAINST organic farmers for “stealing” their Mutated garbage from them and present this along with Fuchwald’s OUTRAGEOUS decision in

    favor of Monsanto. PROVE how much THEIR RIDICULOUS LAWSUITS cost the American citizen–and make sure it’s accompanies by the European studies proving Monsanto sells POISON!

    4. Gather computer geek BRIGADE!

    —>There are numerous computer geeks that do nothing but surf the web. Get them together and put out an ALL POINTS BULLETIN on Monsanto, and their ridiculous lawsuits….and provide the Public this info. Most in USA have never heard of

    Monsanto or what they are all about. Mostly, they DON’T KNOW GMO IS ILLEGAL IN ENGLAND! Get them this info, and it’ll perk their ears up and get’em listening!


    —>Like Rense dot com, Alex Jones, and many others that have access to much of the info on Monsanto–INCLUDING THE STUDIES AND DOCTORS NAMES!


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