A Brilliant Idea

I have posted before about Community Supported Agriculture.   The concept of buying a share of a farmer’s harvest at the beginning of the season thereby giving the farmer the capital they need to buy the inputs they must have to start the farming year.   Then throughout the summer and fall you get boxes or bags or baskets of fresh veggies.   The farmer then takes the money and buys seeds, fertilizers, soil amendments and everything else that goes into a successful farming season.

This initial investment for the cost of the share can be a bit steep for some people.  The fee is usually a couple of hundred dollars, an amount that can be difficult for some folks to come up with all at once.  For a while now a lot of farms have been offering budget plans but that kind of defeats the idea of the farmers having the money up front to start the season.

Now comes a BRILLIANT IDEA from an organization called “Our Town Belfast”.   I’m sure I have bragged numerous times about how lucky I am to live in the center of the progressive universe so I should not have been surprised that this idea came from my home turf.

This is from their booklet titled “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Savings Account”:  Belfast wants to increase the number of families taking advantage of our great produce from our local growers and your bank shares that vision.  The banking institutions of downtown Belfast are offering a free CSA savings account program designed for customers who would like to budget for fresh local fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy and meats from Waldo County farms.”

Another thing I often hear a lot when talking about organic food and local food is that it is expensive and therefore elitist.  This idea takes care of that concern.

And can I just say hurrah for the banks for making this a FREE account?   Obviously these are the small local banks not the mega banks that have caused us all so much financial pain lately but still I say “Good for you, Banks, and thank you.”

4 responses to this post.

  1. What a great idea…..here in West Virginia I am discovering that there is a lot more locally raised food than I first thought. I am also learning that the farmers are having trouble identifying their local market. I believe that as more of the consumers that are actually still cooking these days (way too many people eating fast food in the culture here) find out about what is right here, the locavore movement will gain speed. Thank you for sharing the concept of the bank accounts!


  2. That is amazing! Thank you for sharing. I don’t know if anything like that is possible here but I love the concept.


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