Writing the Great American Novel

I write a blog because I need to vent my pent-up anger at the current state of affairs in both agriculture and politics. But I also write a blog because I need something that makes me WRITE every day (or at least once a week). I like writing on WordPress because it is easy and because when I sign in they make me look at the other more successful blogs that are flaunted on the home page:  Freshly Pressed. I find this very motivating, when I don’t find it totally discouraging.

Today (and maybe yesterday too) there was a featured blog post called Chicken Soup with Glass Noodles. The picture was very appetizing, so I clicked over to take a look. And what I found there was a treasure. The blogger, Wendy, mentioned a New York Times article about brain chemistry and fiction. I read the article and was motivated, inspired, heartened, (insert your own word here) to go back to work on my novel. You see according to this article, I am actually doing a social good by writing fiction. Now I feel worthwhile and can stop the guilt-trip of wasted time when I work on my book.

Thanks Chez Chloe. For the motivation and for the inspiration.


2 responses to this post.

  1. This Spring will be the season of the writer. About a month ago I got back into writing after a long ‘break’ when life seemed too busy to make time for such an activity. Good luck on your novel!


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