A Penny (a Pound) for Your Thoughts

On March 5th I blogged about the “Fast for Fair Food”.  I lost track of what was going on with the fast until yesterday when I was reminded of this important social protest by a comment that was posted to that essay.   So I went looking to see what had become of the fasters and their supporters.


What I discovered was inspiring.  On Day Six (March 8th) the protesters broke their fast together in a moving ceremony.   It occurred on the anniversary of another, somewhat more famous, fast breaking when Caesar Chavez and Robert Kennedy celebrated together 40 years ago.   Several Kennedys attended this fast breaking including RFK’s widow Ethel.


But the fight continues for the “Penny a Pound”  the workers are asking for and gotten from everyone except the Publix grocery chain.  And even for those growers who have agreed to the price increase it still only covers tomatoes.  Not eggplants,  not lettuce, not cucumbers, nothing except tomatoes.  So there is still work to be done.   Fortunately the Coalition of Immokalee Workers is still out there doing that work.

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