Fighting for the Soul of Occupy

Tactical Briefing 29 – Battle for the Soul of Occupy
Jump, jump, jump over the dead body of the old left!

Alright you jammers, occupiers and Springtime dreamers,

First they silenced our uprising with a media blackout… then they
smashed our encampments with midnight paramilitary raids… and now
they’re threatening to neutralize our insurgency with an insidious
campaign of donor money and co-optation. This counter-strategy worked
to kill off the Tea Party’s outrage and turn it into a puppet of the
Republican Party. Will the same happen with Occupy Wall Street? Will
our insurgency turn into the Democrats’ Tea Party pet?

It’s up to you to decide if our movement goes the way of Paris ’68,
the dust bin of could-have-been-insurrections, or something more
daring, more inspiring, something not yet dreamed.

Will you allow Occupy to become a project of the old left, the same
cabal of old world thinkers who have blunted the possibility of
revolution for decades? Will you allow MoveOn, The Nation and Ben &
Jerry to put the brakes on our Spring Offensive and turn our struggle
into a “99% Spring” reelection campaign for President Obama?

We are now in a battle for the soul of Occupy… a fight to the finish
between the impotent old left and the new vibrant, horizontal left who
launched Occupy Wall Street from the bottom-up and who dreams of real
democracy and another world.

Whatever you do, don’t allow our revolutionary struggle to fizzle out
into another lefty whine and clicktivist campaign like has happened so
many times in the past. Let’s Occupy the clicktivists and crash the
MoveOn party. Let’s #DEFENDOCCUPY and stop the derailment of our
movement that looms ahead.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ



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