The Evil Empire, Again

My Bees! Bless 'em!

So now that it’s sunny again I feel like I can stomach talking about the Evil Empire. (I know, I know, Red Sox fans, I know!  The Evil Empire is the Yankees and DAMN them for winning the 100th Anniversary game at our bandbox of a ballpark, Fenway, but in agriculture the EE is Monsanto.)  The EE has been up to it’s nefarious best lately.  They bought the leading bee research firm to have control over the narrative.  Now Monsanto will be telling us what is killing the bees. And you can bet you Red Sox hat it will turn out NOT to be the insecticides in the GMO corn.    Read the article.

But on a slightly happier note OSGATA et al have filed the appeal to Judge Buchwald’s abrupt, unfounded dismissal of our case.

NEW YORK – March 28, 2012 – Today, in Federal District Court in Manhattan, family farmers filed their Notice of Appeal to Judge Naomi Buchwald’s February 24th ruling dismissing Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v. Monsanto.  The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will hear the farmers’ appeal, seeking to reinstate the case, which has received worldwide attention. The farmers are determined to move forward with their lawsuit challenging Monsanto’s patents on genetically engineered seed technologies to continue their pursuit of Declaratory Judgment Act court protection from Monsanto’s claims of patent infringement should their crops become contaminated by Monsanto’s seed.

So the struggle continues.  Now with one scientifically objective voice gone.  The USDA may believe the findings of Beeologic but from now on we cannot.  “Dedicated to restoring bee health” my great Aunt Fanny!!!!


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