Guest Posting for Stephen King

The weather is much too nice and I have far too much to do at my farm to be posting much but I did do a guest post for the Pulse Morning Show Blog.  The Pulse Morning Show, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a drive time radio talk show hosted by my friend (and favorite former Vice Presidential Candidate) Pat LaMarche on Stephen King’s Zone Radio in Bangor Maine.   The days I am home and stuck in the house doing writing or housework or starting seedlings or whatever I listen to this and the other progressive talk shows that this station airs.  Such a great antidote to the Rush Limbags of the airwaves.   So I offered awhile ago to guest post on their blog (they call it the PMS blog, I love that.)  This week I finally got my act together to send the post along to Pat and she posted it yesterday.  So go there for a quick fix of Occupy propaganda.

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