Three Locals and a From Away

Last night I attended the Belfast premiere of a movie about Dan Brown.  He is the farmer being sued by the state for selling milk from his cow to two neighbors.  This film “You Wanted to be a Farmer”  which bears the subtitle “A discussion of scale”  was very well done.  Produced by  No Umbrella Media and the Sap Pail it was about as local a production as you can get.  Local food, local media.  It’s all about walking away from corporate control.  As I heard a radio commentator call them this morning Corporate Locust.  A perfect frame for what they do.  They are the Borg but remember:  Resistance is Fertile!

 A while ago I got a slick publication from Maine General Health in my mailbox.  I usually recycle these things fairly quickly, time management you know, but this one had a picture of an adorable little girl holding up two carrots and the headline “Where you food comes from matters.”  So I read it.  Turns out the Food and Nutrition department of the Maine General Hospitals have made a commitment to sourcing more of their food locally.  They have also made a movie “ The Farmer’s Market: Where Your Food Comes From Matters”   I haven’t seen this one but it sure sounds like a winner.

 Number Three is the fact that yesterday the Bangor Daily News did an article about my friend’s farm.  Seth Yentes, his brother Tyler, his wife Anna and Tyler’s partner Elsie are doing great things at North Branch Farm in Monroe.  I am proud to know them all.

 And finally a note that corporate farming is horning in on the Fair Trade market and driving out small farmers everywhere.  No surprise there.   I will be adding a link on my blog so that you can click and join your voice to others saying that this is the antithesis of what the Fair Trade movement is all about.


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