OSGATA vs. The Evil Empire

Hurrah!  OSGATA and PUBPAT have filed their appeal of Judge Naomi Buchwald’s February decision.   She erroneously  dismissed our lawsuit against Monsanto.  A lawsuit that attempts to halt this corporate bully’s egregious over-reach in suing random farmers for patent infringements.   Suits that they file in the supposed defense of  their bogus patents.   Here’s the beginning of the OSGATA press release:

“WASHINGTON, D.C. – July 5, 2012 – Seventy-five family farmers, seed businesses, and agricultural organizations representing over 300,000 individuals and 4,500 farms filed a brief  today with the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington asking the appellate court to reverse a lower court’s decision from February dismissing their protective legal action against agricultural giant Monsanto’s patents on genetically engineered seed.”

Read it all here.

I was going to write about varroa mites and deer ticks today but it is so much better to write about the real blood sucking parasites of this world, corporations like Monsanto.


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