How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation

Tomorrow is the big day!

I head out for DC and Baltimore on my big political trip of the year.  I spend the day on the train tomorrow to get to DC.  On Wednesday morning I am hoping to drag my BFF (she’s such a good sport) to Capitol Hill and see some sausage making up close and personal at the House Agricultural Committee business meeting.

Thursday I head to Baltimore and the Green Party National Presidential Nominating Convention.  I am a Jill Stein delegate but I am hoping to meet Roseanne Barr, just so I can say I did.   I’m looking forward to all the workshops, networking and just generally hanging out with all these people-of-like-mind.

At some point I will be talking to Pat and Don on the Pulse Morning Show from the convention and updating them on the goings on.  I’m sad that Patty is not going to be there in person but look forward to a lively conversation with them, letting the people of Maine share in the fun vicariously.

So from now until I drop from exhaustion I will be blogging at least daily.   From the thick of things!   I am so psyched!!!

One response to this post.

  1. what a great vacation! looking forward to your posts from D.C

    – The Luddite


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