A Day of Missed Opportunities

One last train metaphor.

Well, here was the plan for today, get up early and go to Capitol Hill to try to get into the business meeting of the House Committee on Agriculture.  That plan got short circuited by a late night (early morning) session of wine drinking and web surfing.   But here is what I missed.  Oh,well.

So when we finally got up this morning we were reading the Washington Post and found an article in Reliable Source about the presumptive Green Party Presidential candidate, Jill Stein.   It said she was going to have a press conference today to announce her running mate.   After frantic attempts to find out where and when this was going to take place I finally found out the venue (National Press Club) and called there to find out the time.  I called at 9:32 and the presser had already been going on for two minutes.   Another missed chance.

So instead we went to the art museums at the Smithsonian and saw some great art.   We ate great food at the National Museum of the American Indian and walked around the Mall enjoying this beautiful day.

Tomorrow I head to Baltimore for the beginning of the Green Party National Convention.   Friday morning I am going to talk to Pat and Don on the Pulse Morning Show.   Be sure to listen in.  The pace will be picking up and I can only hope that I will not be missing any more golden opportunities.

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