Live Blogging the Green Convention

Well, we’re here! Started the morning with a couple of keynote speakers. The first was an author Colin Beaven. But the next was my friend, George Martin, who began his speech by leading us in a call and response of “No More War!” He actually said “Free Palestine” during the course of his speech. Something you won’t hear at any other national convention ever!

Next we passed the platform. That provided the one and only chance to really work the room in the whole day. There was a major disagreement about a plank dealing with the Electoral College. My friend Asa Gordon has a suit in the federal court system that this plank impacts. I won’t get into the minutiae of this issue but Asa has been working on it for a long time, a long time! And we defeated his request. It makes me sad.

Now David Cobb is talking about the Move to Amend movement. The anti-corporate personhood group. They are working to overturn Citizen’s United. And he just ceded his last 5 minutes so that a statement from Roseanne can be read. I will try to get the text.

More when I can borrow another computer!

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  1. Asa Gordon:
    “Democratize the Electoral College” Lecture flyers

    The (Mal-Apportionment Penalty-MAP) lectures provides historical reconstruction era constitutional context for the “Democratize the Electoral College” Civil Actions. The MAP lectures demonstrates How Black Civil War Veterans Reconstructed the Union and Established Democracy in America, and how contemporary voter suppression tactics, e.g. “Winner-take-all”, and “Gerrymandered Districts” in national presidential elections violates the explicit proportional electoral mandate of the second section of the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution ( A forgotten demand of the March on Washington and the last former slave to serve in congress ) to redress voter disfranchisement. The presentations also exposes the fact that the misguided National Popular Vote (NPV) initiative is grounded in a reactionary redemption era Supreme Court ruling that overturned Reconstruction to reestablish white supremacy, and furthermore explicitly violates the malapportionment penalty clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    Green Pages has published a full online article based on this lecture that details the contemporary context of the Federal Civil Action.
    { Neo-Redemption Gerrymandering of the Electoral College,
    Suffer Loss of Representatives to Congress, (Asa Gordon ,Green Pages, July 18, 2013 in 2013 Summer)… }


    • Asa, good to hear from you, could have used you and your historical perspective at a League of Women Voters panel I was on yesterday. Someone stood up at the back and asked about the political make up of the Confederacy. Beyond my limited education in history. I wished out loud that Pat LaMarche was there. I bet you could have fielded it well too. We did talk about Gerrymandering. The topic of the panel was why people are fleeing the parties to register to vote as “unenrolled.” Anyhow always good to hear from you!


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