Live from Baltimore #2

Well, SURPRISE!  The Green Party nominated Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala for our Presidential ticket 2012.   This, like all Green Conventions, was not without controversy.  At one point I found myself “staff/body guard” for a young Islamic woman who dared to speak out for Roseanne Barr (much, much more on that story later.)  I stepped away when her two anarchist female body guards stepped back in.  Boy, oh, boy am I  having fun!!!

Anyhow  here are some great quotes from today, then off to the evening fundraiser.

“We are now the electoral arm for a movement.  The Occupy Movement!”

“Unrestricted growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.”

“It’s  not the Ruling Class, it’s the Looting Class.”

“The abolitionists were called spoilers.  It is a great thing to spoil a corporate duopoly.  And remember you can’t spoil something that’s already rotten.”

“Forward through the decay.”

“We are laying the foundation for the next great transformation.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. I LOVE your ‘vacation’!! why am I utterly not surprised that you stepped into the fray to protect those who were in need of some protectiveness. god – my vacations involve stacking wood, drinking wine, and taking hideously long naps. you are my vacation hero!


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