The Saga of the Computer

On Thursday before I left for the convention I did some DIY computer repair to try to hold the dinosaur together.   It did not help.  By the time I got to Baltimore I had nothing but “snow” on the screen of my laptop.

So I borrowed many computers over the course of the convention.  Thank you, to my many friends who shared their machines with me to keep me on air during the event.

Hillary Kane who was chair of the convention and my roomie for the weekend.   She was very generous about letting me have time on her lovely new computer to post.  Wish I had a better picture of her but here she is trying to herd the cats.

Here are the cats.

My Maine Green friends were also very generous with the use of their nice new touch screen machines.   Here is Lynn Williams, a dear friend and my (on retainer) criminal defense lawyer, who has an spiffy iPad.  

Going back and forth between touchpad and no touch pad has me totally confused at this point.  Of course all the beer I drank over the course of the weekend didn’t help.  Here is the Maine delegation in the beer garden

But here is the best picture.   When I got back to Muffy’s, my BFF, house in DC this morning her wonderful husband, Bobbert, jury rigged this solution for me for the rest of my visit.  Notice that we’ve draped the screen of my laptop in black.  Soon it will go to that great computer heaven in the sky,  now I am just in mourning for it.   But thanks so much to everyone who has helped me keep posting thru this computer disaster.  I love you guys!



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  1. I love how in this blog it’s not just all pictures, or all writing there is a very wide variety. I plan to visit this blog on a daily basis. It has some eye catching images.


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