Grown up Greens

Here is the full text of Roseanne Barr’s statement to the Green Presidential Nominating Convention.   I am posting it not because I agree with everything that she says here but because I believe in freedom of speech and I believe that she got the very short end of the stick from the party and also from the Jill Stein campaign.  The young woman, Farheen Hakeem, (who was for all intents and purposes the soul Green staff person for Roseanne’s campaign) is a brave young woman who stood by her support of Roseanne in spite of the rudeness and intimidation she was subjected to by members of our party.

Here is Roseanne’s statement:

“I thank my delegates who bravely supported me and my campaign despite a Michael Feinstein led smear campaign that began as soon as I was allowed on the Calif. ballot.  I am NOT angry-I am disappointed that power is NOT decentralized in the GP-so how the hell can the GP expect to face down the US government and make that same demand on it?

  It’s not possible to violate the ten key values during this election cycle and still claim to represent the High Road. I ran as a representative of the Black Caucus of the Green Party, NOT as a celebrity. Jill Stein never even met with the Black Caucus, and continues to be unaware that it even exists.
  To smear me as a ‘rich celebrity’ instead of an activist who faced down Power, and brought issues right into America’s living rooms week after week, in a ground breaking television show about working class families & values is repulsive to me. If I were a man, no one would dare to say any of that.
 I will work these four years to remove Michael Feinstein from power and then I will open the floodgates NOT the .002% of the vote, (as the gp gets now) but to the true 99% of Americans who deserve better representation than what this party currently offers.”
I also offer this as my way of saying that the party is strong enough, mature enough and savvy enough to withstand this kind of controversy.   We stood up to Ralph Nader’s threats of lawsuits when we nominated David Cobb and Pat LaMarche and we will weather this brief storm also.  Here is the Washington Post reporter’s take on the events.
After the voting of the delegates I heard many, many people comment on how civil it all was.  And it was very civil.   We are grown ups.  And we belong to a grown up party.   Now let’s get on with business.

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